Buying Bulk Website Traffic - An Effective Strategy to Climb the SERPs

As the internet continues to expand, search engines become more and more essential. Most times, the best and only way to find the answer to a question bothering your mind is to google it. As long as it exists on the internet, you can discover the answer to it in less than a minute.  We live in a world where “to google” has made its way into the lingua of the populace and even the dictionary. This has turned the internet into a very competitive space in terms of marketing. With average individuals spending most of the hours in a day on the internet, entrepreneurs and website owners need to device means to ensure that their websites are a part of the few that feature on the first of internet users Search engine results page (SERPs).

Posted on : December, 01 2020 Author : Serpclix 13 min read

As the internet continues to expand, search engines become more and more essential. Most times, the best and only way to find the answer to a question bothering your mind is to google it. As long as it exists on the internet, you can discover the answer to it in less than a minute.  We live in a world where “to google” has made its way into the lingua of the populace and even the dictionary. This has turned the internet into a very competitive space in terms of marketing. With average individuals spending most of the hours in a day on the internet, entrepreneurs and website owners need to device means to ensure that their websites are a part of the few that feature on the first of internet users Search engine results page (SERPs). 

With so much data and information accessible to users on the internet, you need to ensure that your content stands out from the rest of them. The evidence that your content truly stands out is when it makes it to the top of the search engine result pages. This is where website traffic proves effective. You can easily buy bulk website traffic and make your way to the top of search engine result pages. By considering the rudiments of SERPs and buying website traffic, we can guide you in determining how the latter can prove effective in SERPs ranking.

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The search engine result pages are always changing. So much so that it can become confusing. Search engines have developed over the years and they continue to come up with updates that give them the ability to provide the best results for any query.

Essentially, search engine result pages are web pages that search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo display in response to the query a user inputs into their search engine forum.  An example of SERP is the page(s) resulting after you type the key phrase “leather bag for men” into the google search engine platform. With a fast internet connection, you will immediately get a legion of information. 


This information not only answers your query but also provides further information like blog posts, images, videos on other sites, news concerning this particular topic, sites to purchase leather bags, and other related keywords. This page may also include advertisements, knowledge graphs, and distinctive features.


The more helpful search engines are at answering the queries of users, the more money they make. Therefore, search engines are always looking for the best way to improve the search engine result ranking. Sadly, this poses a difficulty for websites that rely on Google organic search traffic. However, search engine optimization and its many aspects have made it possible for search engine result pages to work in your favor.

Basically, people only visit websites on the first page of search engine results. They rarely proceed to page two or the subsequent pages. Some internet users are not even aware that these pages exist on the search results. Research shows that about 75% of searchers will not bother to click the second page of the search results. Sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Ranking on the first page instantly puts you ahead of others on the invisible pages. The higher a website ranks, the more clicks it gets. This is what makes SERPs extremely important.


The varying ranking factors and algorithm differences of search engines usually translate to different results on search engine pages. Depending on the search engine being used, you could generate different results for the same query. The search engine ranking could also differ in two search engines. So, don’t be surprised if you find your website content on a particular topic ranking lower on Google than it did on Bing. All search engines have several ways it will categorize results to a searcher.

The bottom line is, although the results of these search engine pages may differ due to the algorithm and display differences between them, all search engines aim to serve the same purpose. They aim to resolve the searcher's query and answer their questions to the best of their ability. After all, this is how they make money.

SERP features

Most search engines have features that answer the searcher’s question without them having to click on any of the results. Google for instance provides snippets of the articles on their results pages. These results differ and are determined by the query presented. In essence, SERPs are usually made up of paid ads, organic results, and SERP features. SERP features on google include knowledge cards, Top stories, Featured Snippets, ads, shopping results, tweets boxes, site links, and image packs.


The term search traffic describes the number of clicks that have been made to a website via search engines. Search traffic is a basic segment in google analytics which consists of the traffic generated from organic sources and paid ones. In short, it analyses traffic flows from different platforms. For instance, the number one result on Google ranking is said to garner up to 71% search traffic and a 33% chance of getting clicked by users. 


Every visit to your website has its source or origin. In plain terms, the traffic source is the origin through which visitors locate your website. If your present traffic is very low, you might wonder if it is a result of your low-ranking. Well, it could be. Traffic plays a substantial role in the position your website appears on the search results page. Studies show that website visits affect the popularity of an online website. Evidently, the more popular your site is, the better it is for your search engine ranking and the more visitors it gets, the more popular your site becomes. As a website moves upwards in the SERP ranking, it will receive more clicks and visits per session. In short, website traffic and SERPs work hand in hand.


If you take your content very seriously, you also need to be active in driving traffic to your website. There are numerous sources of quality traffic out there. The primary or conventional ways include; organic/search search, referral traffic, social media, YouTube so forth. Let’s consider two of the most effective ones other than the search traffic. Our goal here is to provide a deep insight on all the possible ways one can boost the traffic coming to their website.  

Social Media

Social media can become the primary source of traffic for your website. Contemporary times have made Facebook, Twitter, and native ad networks common origins of purchasing traffic. Facebook being the place publishers consider the best to connect with a large number of audiences and earn quality traffic for their website. Building a large presence on social media gives you a sure source of generating visitors to your site. Share content as much as possible on your social media account. Consider your followers when updating your social feed. Your feed is for them and not you. Promote your posts on your account (which we call as paid social media traffic) shortly after publicizing it on your website or blog. You can also share the post multiple times. The more you share, the more likely you are to get clicks and visitors to your sites. If you do not share the links a couple of times, your followers might never be able to view it. Disseminating content multiple times might earn you stronger reactions from viewers and it provides your audience with the opportunity to access the valuable content they expect from you. However, create a flexible schedule for posting rather than a packed one. Be careful not to spam.


As the most popular search engine after Google, almost 5 billion videos are being viewed on YouTube in a day and every minute, 60 hours of videos get uploaded on the site. For this reason, YouTube is considered a viable source of content visibility and generating website traffic. Uploading and surprising people with amazing videos on YouTube will surely get you, several visitors, to your site. The key to using YouTube as a source of traffic is to seek out channels that have more subscribers than you and get them to introduce your products to their subscribers. You can easily find these sites by typing in the keywords related to your niche in the search box. Drop the link to your website in their description box and this becomes the bridge between their subscribers and your website.


Search traffic remains the primary source of traffic for the majority of businesses. When your website content is keyword rich, it implies to search engines what your site is all about and the keyword phrases you want to be ranked for. Having a content strategy with the right keywords is very important in order to attract meaningful traffic to your website. One of the simplest methods of discovering trending keywords is to use a search engine’s autocomplete features on their platform. This feature is readily available on google. All you need to do is start typing in the search terms and you will be provided with keywords that are most likely to complete it. This autocomplete feature is generated from trending searches.

However, making your content keyword-rich does not suggest that you fill your content with a profusion of keywords. The trick to writing in a way that does not turn off your readers. Include the keywords subtly. There are ways to even buy organic website traffic by choosing the keywords that are important for your business. We will talk more about that in the next section. But let’s first address the elephant in the room.


If you’re wondering whether quality website traffic that is good for search engine optimization can be bought, the answer is yes, absolutely.

After all, search engine result pages consist of both organic and paid search results. By providing excellent content and targeting, you can buy organic traffic from quality platforms. This traffic would also help with your search engine optimization. The only issue is that this is not a simple task to achieve. You will need to put in the labor, time, and money. Even if you buy cheap website traffic, it needs to be the right kind of traffic. And ultimately, to make this work, you need to be ready to create content that will optimize your site and grasp the attention of an audience.


Money spent on purchasing traffic should be directed towards acquiring an audience. An audience that will view and appreciate the publisher’s brand. These audiences are a step towards acquiring a higher ranking on the search engine result page.  There are numerous sites to buy web traffic out there. However, you need to be cautious about the type of traffic you are purchasing so you don’t fall victim to low-quality, automated bots all in the name of buying website traffic. Visit tested and trusted sites to buy cheap website traffic of high quality.

SerpClix is one such platform for website traffic generation. SerpClix traffic is authentic and one can measure it inside Google Analytics. Clickers working here are real humans with real IP addresses. They search for your keywords on Google, find your listing, and click on it. This in turn earns you a higher ranking in search result pages.



Website traffic purchased in bulk can help steer traffic better to your website. If you need thousands or even millions of targeted visitors to your site, then, buying bulk website traffic at SerpClix is your solution to climbing to the top of the SERPs. SerpClix is the best place to buy website traffic. You are able to determine the number of clicks that would catapult your website to the top of the search engine ranking with a simple calculator provided on Serpclix.


By means of this, you can easily create your orders and increase the click-through-rate of your organic listing.


As opposed to the low-quality traffic provided by automated bots, Serpclix provides you with high-quality traffic generated from our army of over 100,000 human clickers. We have earned thousands of customers who have been happily provided with as many clickers as they desire. Our clickers are not automated bots but individuals who are physically situated in the country you wish to get website traffic from. These clickers make use of real IP addresses so customers are rest assured that when they order human clicks, they get real human clickers who are located in the geo-targeted country of their choice.


Clickers at SerpClix are based and available in different countries, regions, and states of the world. All languages are also supported. Therefore, SerpClix offers a geo-targeting option. Just name the country you want your clickers to originate from. SerpClix does not allow clickers to make use of VPNs or proxies that could tamper with their locations. You can be sure they are physically located in the country you selected. Moreover, you can order clicks from the All Country tier option if your country is not currently available on the list of countries to get clicks from. By doing this, you get impressive IP diversity and lower costs. SerpClix continues to add more countries to their program when they have enough clickers from that country to support the system.


With the same techniques you use in creating your orders, you can also boost your organic ranking on google maps, google my business, and google image search results. If you select google maps or google my business option, you need to enter your business name. This enables clickers to find your organic listing easily.

You don’t have to worry when you buy bulk website traffic with Serpclix. You get organic traffic and real visitors who will input the keywords provided by you into search engines and locate your website. This way, your website ranking rises in the SERPs. Do you wish to purchase the bulk website traffic package at Serpclix? You can emphasize the volume of traffic you need, your niche, and the geotargeting features you need.

Needless to say, your purpose is to get your website on the top of the search engine result pages. Buying quality website traffic can help you achieve that and SerpClix is the best place to buy website traffic. Don’t take our word for granted but take a look at our glowing testimonials. SerpClix can get your rankings up, help in boosting your CTR and hence improve your overall ROI from an SEO standpoint.

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Please note: there are no guarantees in search engine optimization, ever. There are innumerable factors that can affect search engine rankings. And, realistically, most sites should focus their efforts on traditional SEO before even thinking about using non-traditional techniques like SerpClix. All SEO efforts can involve an element of risk. Some techniques are certainly more risky than others. SerpClix employs real human clickers, so we think our service is far less risky than trying to use automated or robotic click methods. But, like all SEO strategies, there is an element of risk because Google’s algorithm is unknown and subject to change at any time. For more information please see our Buyer FAQs.

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