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"When doing Reputation Management, you need to think outside of the box. Everything isn't equal and you need to use the best services you can in order to move the SERPs around. This is what I have been doing for many years with good success, but even after the trial with SerpClix, it made more of a difference in a short space of time than their competitors. This will be my 'go-to' tool now."

Andy Drinkwater, Freelance SEO Consultant
United Kingdom

"I was one of the first people to try SerpClix. I used one of my client's sites here in the valley and I was able to move my client from #6 to #4 on with a small test order. The one of the few coders out there who know how to build marketing tools that are light years ahead of the current market. I really like the platform as it has a crowd sourcing twist."

Jesse D., Growth Hacker
San Francisco, California

"I'm extremely familiar with...this on all levels from the very beginning. This is a nice project and...should be something that you may want to be following on both ends."

Greg W., Moderator at Black Hat World
Gainesville, Florida

"I just wanted to say this is a bad-ass service you got here. All my rankings jumped after one day."

Richard G., Marketer
Phoenix, Arizona

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know I had another keyword hit #2. This one was sitting at #9."

Peter N., Marketer
Sydney, Australia

"I've been using SerpClix for 20-30 days so far. I have seen different sites being pushed from 4th page to 1st page on their keywords. This thing works. This is not a promotion, I have nothing in common with SerpClix."

Nenad J., Marketer
Belgrade, Serbia

"I jumped from 6 to 3 on a 27k exact term."

Erik, Marketer

"...great service — multiple keywords jumped up multiple pages over my 2 months using SerpClix (so far). All of my orders were completed in the exact manner I had outlined. Highly recommended for those looking to grab an edge over competitors, as this strategy seems to be overlooked by many."

Andrew P., Marketer
Dallas, Texas


Is this guaranteed to work?

If anyone offers you a guarantee in the search engine optimization business, run away as fast as possible. There are no guarantees in SEO, unless you happen to own Google (in which case: Hi Sergey and/or Larry! Thanks for stopping by!).
There are innumerable factors that can affect search engine rankings. And, realistically, most sites should focus their efforts on traditional SEO before even thinking about using non-traditional techniques like SerpClix.

Ok, no guarantees. But it does work, right?

We think so.
While backlinks and content remain the dominant factor in SEO, over the past couple of years Google seems to have been moving towards user feedback signals like engagement, retention and bounce rates. We believe Google will continue to move away from external signals like backlinks and move more towards user experience signals. This seems to have already been done with YouTube. Remember how YouTube videos used to be ranked based on thumbs up, view count and comments? Now it's all about user experience. If someone leaves the video instantly, it ranks lower. If they watch the full view, it ranks higher. We think the same things are being applied in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

What does the SEO industry think about this?

In 2014, Moz's Rand Fishkin ran a CTR case study which moved his site from #7 to #1 in less than 3 hours by sending clicks to his organic search results. These were real people, making real clicks. This was the first real indication that click through rate (CTR) was a factor that could heavily move organic results in the SERPs.
Here are some other published articles to consider:
Search Engine Journal: Google’s Top Search Ranking Factors of 2016, According to Searchmetrics Study
WordStream: Why You NEED to Raise Organic CTR’s (And How to Do It)
Moz: The Impact of Queries, Long and Short Clicks, and Click Through Rate on Google's Rankings - Whiteboard Friday

So what should I do to increase my SERP CTR?

There are a number of things you can do on your own. Optimizing your Title and meta tags. Optimizing your on-page content to increase engagement. Optimizing your site structure, to ensure each page is highly matched to target specific (and, ideally, long-tail) keywords. And, of course, a million other things you can do from an SEO-perspective that are well beyond the scope of these FAQs.

How can SerpClix help?

We are the world’s first and only crowd-sourced searching platform where website owners pay our pool of thousands of clickers to search their keyword and visit their website, driving organic traffic to your site and boosting your SERP CTR.

How does SerpClix work?

Our clickers install a browser extension which allows us to track their behavior. They enter your keyword phrase in Google, as any natural searcher would, then scroll down and navigate the search results until they find and click on your URL. They stay on your website for a specified period of time (at least 30 seconds) before the browser tab is automatically exited. At no point do they click the Back button on the browser.

Is there a risk to using SerpClix?

All SEO efforts can involve an element of risk. Some techniques are certainly more risky than others. SerpClix employs real human clickers, so we think our service is far less risky than trying to use automated or robotic click methods. But, like all SEO strategies, there is an element of risk because Google’s algorithm is unknown and subject to change at any time.

Are these actually real human clickers?

Yes, we employ a number of proprietary methods to ensure that all of our clickers are real humans - no bots are ever allowed.

Does your traffic appear on Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools?

Yes. Since our traffic is all real people, our traffic appears in all analytics software. You will be able to verify that your orders are being filled, and see each and every visitor.

Why is SerpClix better than the competitors on the market?

Our competitors use bots and automated programs to simulate clicks. SerpClix is the only option on the market that sends real human visitors to your website. We have a pool of thousands of clickers who we pay individually every month. There are no other services that offer this amazing and complex crowd-sourced system.

Why don't automated clicks work?

SerpClix uses real human clickers because automated clicks through proxies do not show results. Public proxies are always detectable by Google. Private proxies do not have enough of a random IP address range. Additionally, PhantomJS and other popular headless browsers leave footprints that are very difficult to cover.

How do I create an order?

Enter the keyword phrase you wish to be searched, and the corresponding URL. Please note that your URL must appear within the first 10 pages (first 100 results) of Google search results in order to use our service.

How long does it take to get an order approved?

We generally have a 1 business day turnaround time to approve new orders. You will receive an email when your order has been approved.

What if my URL does not appear in the first 10 Google search results pages for my keyword phrase?

In this case please do not submit the order, as it will not be approved. Because our clickers are real humans conducting real searches they must be able to find your site within the first 10 SERPs.

How many credits do I need?

Clicks from the All Country tier are 9 credits per click, and any of the individual geographic tiers are 17 credits per click. You can use this calculator to estimate how many clicks you need.

What if I need more credits?

You can purchase more credits at any time. Click on My Membership, select a plan, and complete the purchase process. The credits from the plan you select will be immediately added to any used credits you already have, and your renewal date will reset to one month from today.

Should I limit the clicks per day?

This is entirely your preference. If you want the highest impact possible on your CTR in the shortest time possible then do not limit the clicks per day. Keep in mind that our system will still limit the number of clicks per day from any individual clicker (we limit each individual clicker to a maximum of one visit per day per order).

Should I restrict the geographic location?

Again, this is entirely your preference. Using the All Countries tier will result in the widest possible pool of clickers. Additionally, pricing for the All Countries tier is lower than pricing for the individual geographic tiers.

Where can I see the orders I have created?

Click on My Orders.

How can I buy more credits?

You can purchase more credits at any time. Keep in mind that the higher the package you choose, the more the credits are discounted. Click on Change Plan, select a subscription plan, and complete the purchase process. The credits from the plan you select will be added to any used credits you currently have, and your subscription period will be reset to begin today.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time right through your account. Just click on Change Plan, and then Cancel My Membership.

What happens to my unused credits if I cancel my subscription?

Your active orders will continue to be filled using any available credits in your account until the end of your billing period. At the end of your billing period your orders will be cancelled and any unused credits in your account will be lost.

How can I get an invoice?

Click on Invoices in the upper-right hand corner to view and download available invoices.